"Flaschenkino" for Viva con Agua


A non-traditional idea for social change

Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. is a unique water brand from Hamburg, Germany. Bottled water aside, the company’s real goal is to provide access to clean drinking water, basic sanitation, and hygiene for everyone on this planet— they call it WASH projects. Over 2 billion people worldwide do not have access to clean water. Like other non-profit organisations, Viva con Agua relies on fans and supporters for donations. In short, how do we tell locals (and the world) Viva con Agua is much more than a water brand?


How to turn a water bottle into an immersive experience

That's when Flaschenkino was born. (“bottle cinema”)

We created an app that works in a very simple way: grab a bottle, place your phone on the screen, and voilá. You can now watch custom videos for Viva con Agua and learn something new about their social projects, including videos from artists, musicians and other creative types expressing their vision of a world where water is a human right.


From trailer videos and hero films to a cultural roadshow

We partnered with local studios, artists and film creatives to craft unique stories for the Flaschenkino app. To demonstrate the power of the idea (and the app), we launched a trailer with local post-production studio Optix as a call out to all creatives.

Next, we developed a Viva con Agua film about the WASH projects, consisting of four chapters: What's inside the bottle, WASH projects, Open network, and lastly Creative and Social Transformation. It was an exciting challenge to work within the scope of a tiny circular screen, so we partnered with Canadian based post-production studio Tendril for support. They made several tests to understand the best way to see through this viewpoint and format. They even built a simulator in After Effects to get as close to real time simulation as possible.

For the app launch we showed the trailer and the WASH film at the Millerntor Gallery — an international art, music and culture festival in the heart of Hamburg. The St. Pauli stadium was the perfect playground to create brand awareness, connect with our target audience, and expand the creative network of the project. We also used the launch event to collect feedback from the VcA team and event visitors to improve on our product experience. By combining conventional film production, branded entertainment, animation, digital media and installation, we created an immersive experience made of lights, colours, and motion.


Flaschenkino has become an international phenomenon

The Flaschenkino app has been travelling around the world with the Viva con Agua crew. It's been showcased in Austria, Switzerland, Los Angeles, Brazil, and many other places. One of our favorite memories is the visit from the mayor of Hamburg inside one the first Flaschenkino booths, it was a big surprise for us! It was out in the newspapers, and friends were talking about it. 

Flaschenkino may be soon coming to your city too, so you better follow the VcA crew! You can also take the Flaschenkino with you anywhere. Download the app from Apple Store here.

Check out these amazing videos

The Team

Global network of creative talent

Building relationships and a collaborative environment was always part of the DNA of the project. We had a chance to work with many creative talents from around the world. From the initial concepts, mood boards, treatments, scripting phases to sound design, 3d animation, VFX, post-production, and live video — everyone bringing their unique skills to make something unique.

CLIENT Viva con Agua, Hamburg St. Pauli
CAMPAIGN Flaschenkino
CREATIVES Christiano Rocco, Fernando Silvestrin
DOP Jan Schuberth
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Philipp Schmalriede
1st AC Giacomo Coccia
GAFFER Stefan Rentel
POST-PRODUCTION Optix Hamburg, Redpinata Video, Tendril, nhb, Tanja Bruhn
ARTISTS Clemens Wirth, Fabricio Lima, Marcel Schobel, Matthew Cooper, Dante Zaballa, Peter Balicki, Tim Jockel, Robert Rhee
WEB APPLICATION Eins23, Designbüro Persch

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"Flaschenkino" for Viva con Agua