Hohes C Bio "What do you get up for?", with Jung von Matt


Bringing brand values forward

Jung von Matt / Havel and the client Hohes C Bio wanted to work with our team from Cobblestone side to promote the juice with a campaign "What do you get up for?". To answer this question, a concept was set to follow several people who wake up in the early morning hours and actively start their day - with sports, dog walks or going to work. It was important to communicate the client's values around the importance of people and social commitment, the environment and sustainability.


Multiplatform campaign

We set out to craft a unique story full of emotion, and shot 4 days in Slovenia to build an extensive collection of campaign assets, spread later in TV, cinema, POS and DOOH, as well as various social media assets for several platforms.

"Morning time always feels sacred, whether that’s in the stolen moments of calm amongst the craziness, a tender moment with a loved one, or a moment where we lose our breath at a beautiful sunrise. We’re driven to get going in the morning, otherwise we’d all just stay wrapped under our cosy blankets - I love that this film explores the why and what for," says our director Liz Murphy.


Making untangible tangible

We went on to form a visual language that would be extremely authentic - messy bed-hair and lost teeth included - and relatable to people from various walks of life. Diversity of people and situations were set as a priority. It was important to include as many exterior sunrises and sets as we possibly could, to combine with the different early morning rituals, to communicate how different but similar we all are. When you watch these films, pay attention to how you can feel and see the air and how it moves, inhale and exhale together with our protagonists, and almost feel the warmth of the rising sun on your face. This is the magic by Liz Murphy.

The Team

We thank the entire team for a series of crazy early alarms!

CLIENT Eckes-Granini

AGENCY Jung von Matt/HAVEL GmbH

CAMPAIGN Hohes C „Wofür stehst Du auf?“


DOP Ross Giardina

1ST AD Carles Valero

2ND AD Sebastjan Krhlikar


EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Philipp Schmalriede

PRODUCER Svenja Widegreen

LINE PRODUCER Svenja Widegreen

STYLING Valter Kobal

HAIR & MAKEUP Marjeta Rebolj, Tomaž Turk

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Hohes C Bio "What do you get up for?", with Jung von Matt