"Can Touch This" for McDonald's, with Track


Covid-era advertising with a new twist

Our client McDonald's was about to celebrate the re-opening of their restaurants after total lockdown, and to bring out the contactless purchase option with the McDonald's mobile app. Together with Track in Hamburg, we set to produce an advertising campaign for McDonald's app with a title "You can touch this", brought to life by juxtaposing everyday situations we all can relate to with McHammer's legendary song „You can’t touch this“. As Covid era gave birth of a plethora of unanimous brand films featuring worn-out terms like "now more than ever", "unprecedented times" and "new normal", the creative concept for this campaign needed to approach the topic differently. "Fresh concept in dealing with the virus that will be with us socially for a while, and an innovative and clever way of advertising that publicizes new measures and products - informative, targeted and yet not sparing on emotions," read our DI.


When one look tells more than 1000 words

After reading Track's extremely funny, smart script for an equally smart service, our director Baris Aladag and our production team set out to build a visual story full of humor and entertainment to conquer the hearts of the audience. The common goal was nothing less than to create a powerful viral clip that would be passed on in the net, in the schoolyard and at work, watched and celebrated together.


High tempo and up-close

Our camera was mobile. It followed our heroes to the middle of the situations. We wanted to get 100% involved in the tempo and the groove of our actors, only to be slowed down just a few centimeters before a forbidden touch is about to happen. We wanted to use smart PoVs to show our everyday heroes in a close-up, in which their hesitation and shock at this emergency stop is written all over their faces.

The ads and related assets were seeded all over TV and Social Media, YouTube and TikTok at the helm.

The Team

We thank the entire team for the exceptional work under such exceptional conditions

CLIENT McDonald’s

CAMPAIGN "You Can Touch This"

AGENCY TRACK, Reza Ramezani

DIRECTOR Baris Aladag

DOP Stephan Burchardt

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Philipp Schmalriede

PRODUCER Lisa Hadeler

JR PRODUCER Rika zu Klampen

PA & RISK A.M. Delia Zhai


1ST AD Kai Kullack

1ST AC Tobias Kaffenberger

2ND AC Matthias Wortmann

VTR Christian Saure


DIT Jonas Bruse

GAFFER Gunnar Peper

BEST BOY Timo Jütting


ART DIRECTOR Christian Schätzel

STYLING Laura Büchel

MUA Anja Bissinger

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"Can Touch This" for McDonald's, with Track