"Mach zu hause draus" for Otto, with Heimat & Dept


Otto's brand positioning needed an upgrade

Otto is the largest online retailer in houseware in Germany, yet their pole position remains unknown to especially the younger generation. How to promote Otto's Home & Living product range to the younger generation with a message that resonates? Heimat and Dept (Social Media) planned a massive 8-month campaign to spread the message and shift the audience's perception to the benefit of the brand, and we from Cobblestone produced the audiovisual narratives for social media, online video, digital out-of-home and TV under the direction of the duo D.A.R.Y.L.


An emotional film for everyone to relate to

"Make it a home. It’s so simple, but to have a home - a place that you feel like you belong - is an integral part of what it means to be human. We all know what it feels like to have that, and we may also have experienced what it’s like not to," as D.A.R.Y.L. put it. "Whether it’s after a particularly hard run or the best date of your life, it’s a privilege to return somewhere familiar and comfortable. Everyone’s home says something about them; it has been created in their own image, it is purpose fit for their lives. Every framed art work, the choice of coffee table, the colour of your sofa - it all comes from you. So there’s no wonder that when the light switch is hit and you are faced with the home you’ve built, there’s a feeling of relief and pride and reassurance."

"Our mission, which we were incredibly excited about, was to combine a broad range of characters and locations, and to bring them together seamlessly in one inclusive film. The more individual and unique each face and every location was, the more universal the film would become."

In addition to TV ads, a various range of Social Media feed and story assets were generated to bring the story to the audience to interact with.

The Team

We thank the entire team for the great work

Mach zu hause draus
Heimat, Dept
D.A.R.Y.L (Pulse)
Ben Fordesman 
Juri Wiesner, Silvia Reis
Kimberley Krump 
1st AD
Julian Richards
Tommy Stark, Desiree Peton  
Susanne Kreyenfeld

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"Mach zu hause draus" for Otto, with Heimat & Dept