Gravel Collective

Who we are

Born from Cobblestone Filmproduktion GmbH, we come from three decades of experience in film and the craft of storytelling. We are an international creative collective of hands-on directors, digital creatives, content strategists and distribution experts; kings of context who constantly re-think how to craft narratives for unique visually-lead brand experiences in the ever-changing digital landscape. Take us with you at the planning table, and brief us on your problem. Together we’ll craft your context, and connect the dots.

HOW we tell stories has changed drastically. The WHY hasn’t.

Beautiful images are wasted, if they're not seen by the right people. Great stories ring empty, if they fail at inspiring the right action. Luckily, impact is not wholly unpredictable. We create performance-optimized, visually stunning audiovisual content for all digital channels, whether hand in hand with brands, or shoulder to shoulder with agencies.

We start every project by defining the target groups, mapping their needs and crafting a platform strategy based on user behaviour insights. We'll define the right KPIs for campaign performance, and then build the right platform-specific narratives and content formats to drive action. At our place, “platform-agnostic” is a curse word. We don’t spray and pray.

We're constantly on the lookout for digitally-savvy talent from strategy and creation to production and distribution. Let us know what you can do!